Manifest Boutique Hotel
Oitylos, Mani / Peloponnese, Greece

Set on a rugged landscape of distinct natural beauty, the Manifest Boutique Hotel rests on the foothills of Mount Taygetos, named after the mythic nymph Taygete. The hotel, which is located in the renowned region of Mani, is immersed in the natural surroundings by unveiling earthy tones and colors that are combined with the sun-soaked coastline, while the Mediterranean Sea lies on the vast horizon tantalizing your senses to a unique experience. All 18 suites offer a private terrace and staggering views. Indulge in the legacy of Greek hospitality renowned for the passion to serve. Taste the traditional local flavors combined with the Mediterranean cuisine, which when accompanied by the local selection of wines it can result in a unique culinary balance experienced in our restaurants and bars while the pool unfolds an infinite view of the Mediterranean Sea.