Hotel Palafitte
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
The only five star hotel in Europe built on water

Built on piles on the lake of Neuchâtel in the middle of a most beautiful en-vironment. The hotel is decorated with unique style, luxurious design and -advanced technology, which stimulate feelings of absolute perfection.
Palafitte is an experience. The Palafitte offers forty luxury pavilions with breathtaking views of the lake and the Alps, which of twenty four are built 
directly on the lake. The Pays de Neuchâtel offers a rich and contrasting 
nature against the backdrop of a long history and cultural diversity.
Surrounded by lake and mountain, the hotel is ideally placed to offer a wide range of sports such as golf, swimming, sailing and skiing. Those seeking 
cultural activities and entertainment will also find their soft spot with the many museums, theatres, concerts and excursions available