7132 Hotel Vals
Vals, Switzerland

Vals’ magic formula is very simple: 1000 residents, 1000 sheep and 1000 hotel beds. This magical ratio is the secret of the relaxed atmosphere in the Vals valley. Discretion is everything. Vals is sheer indulgence. »Seventy-one, thirty-two«, as the people in Vals say, is not just their postcode. 7132 is a manifesto. A statement of commitment to authenticity and 
supreme quality. A rejection of mass tourism. Archaic mountains and modern architecture come together in the largest hotel in Vals. The world famous thermal baths by Peter Zumthor are part of the hotel. A new kind of hospitality is cultivated here. Small excursions, hours of enjoyment – sensuality for body and mind. Guests are spoiled by outstanding cuisine. The perfect combination of architecture, cuisine and culture – a pleasure.