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Become a Cinnamon Circle Partner Hotel.

Cinnamon Circle is a modern PR and Sales agency based in Munich and Zurich and provides all tools and gateways to the German speaking markets in Europe. Our services range from classical PR over online channeling to high-end tailor made sales activities. We offer a menu of activities for you to choose from and give you the opportunity to fine-tune your PR, marketing and sales activities.


1. CC Public Relations

Cinnamon Circle gives you access to a selected database of top journalists and media in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Your news are spread to all relevant media in these markets. The database contains more than 600 journalists and 100 portals with more than 45.000 readers from the publishing business.


2. CC Mag

Three times a year Cinnamon Circle publishes its own digital magazine with a professional layout and editing. CC Mag is available via Internet and all relevant tablets like iPad and Android tablets. CC Mag reaches 50.000 end consumer readers per issue. Read it here.


3. CC Social

Your relevant news will be posted on the Cinnamon Circle social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Posts reach up to 100’000 readers. Selected photos of your property will be published on Instagram and Pinterest. Visit the Cinnamon Circle Facebook page here


4. CC Sight

Cinnamaon Circle provides its own Youtube travel video channel. Besides self produced video content we also present selected videos of your hotel.


5. CC Leisure

In cooperation with our strategic partner agency we give you access to the best tour operators and travel agencies in our market. Twice a year we organize roadshows in Germany and Switzerland to get you in personal touch with your key clients in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere. All events are accompanied by individually arranged sales calls in the cities involved (Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg et al)


6. CC Corporate

Cinnamon Circle is collaborating with a very experienced partner to bring you together with the top travel managers of all important companies in our market. CC Corporate assists you in getting the most out of your GDS account and get on the screens of the decision makers for corporate travel. This offer is only possible if your hotel fulfills certain criteria determined by our partner. Participation cannot be guaranteed.



Cinnamon Circle will represent your property on selected VIP events. Thus you get exposure to important decision makers and VIPs in our markets.


8. CC Global

We joined forces with some of the best agencies in the world to give you a real global exposure. Thus you can participate in sales and marketing events in the most promising markets on request and without annual retainer fees. So far we are providing this service in the following markets: USA, Brazil, Argentina, Greater China including Hong Kong and Singapore.




 The official partner hotels of Cinnamon Circle:



Profile of the founders:

Manuela Weber is a dynamic sales and marketing executive with over 16 years experience in the luxury hotel market. After studying hotel management, she completed a variety of marketing, sales and PR courses at Cornell University. Manuela has held numerous positions at assorted luxury hotels worldwide, including Washington DC, London, Zermatt and Zurich. Her proven understanding of what moves the international hotel industry – from small traditional properties to international hotel chains – makes her a true professional in her chosen field. At the Baur au Lac in Zurich, Manuela served for over six years as Director of Sales, Marketing and Public Relations. Worldwide travel and attendance at international travel fairs, such as the Virtuoso Travel Mart in Las Vegas, gave her a profound knowledge of international sales and PR activities. Over the years, Manuela has also established an extremely valuable network of contacts to decision-makers in the tourism, lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment sectors, as well as expanding her social networking platform.


Joern Pfannkuch studied journalism, marketing psychology and sinology at Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich and the Taiwan National University in Taipei, Republic of China. He complemented this core focus by studying intercultural management at the LMU’s Faculty of Business and visual design at the Film Academy, also in Munich. Research trips through China and East Asia followed as Joern wrote his dissertation on intercultural relations between the Western nations and what were then referred to as the Asian «tiger» states. He joined his father’s company in the 1990s, developing its electronic media operations. Alongside his publishing activities, Joern regularly contributes editorial content focused on travel and business themes in China and Central Asia, as well as on luxury hotels.

Joern is an accredited developer for social marketing platforms, including:

• Apple IOS Developer for iPhone and iPad

• Android Developer for Google-Based Tablets and Smart Phones

• Facebook Developer